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Potential: unlocked

The Earniversity Summer Series will unleash your earnability in The Fastrack Challenge and specialist bootcamps

Potential: unlocked

The Earniversity Summer Series will unleash your earnability in The Fastrack Challenge and specialist bootcamps

Unlock your earning abilities this summer

On the Earniversity Fastrack Challenge and our shorter bootcamps you get the coaching, systems and knowledge you need to earn money, and be successful. 



The Fastrack Challenge

Develop 5 money-earning methods and the mentality to succeed

The Content Creation Bootcamp

Step into a world where your words and ideas make an impact

The Reselling Bootcamp

Unlock your path to financial freedom through reselling

The Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Add a profitable revenue stream to your existing online presence



Here's what people say about Earniversity

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Joining the Earniversity Fast Track Challenge was a game-changer for me...Not only did it equip me with the knowledge to provide top-notch services, but it also improved my employability skills and helped me navigate the complexities of reselling and managing finances effectively.

Alexandra, 20
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Earniversity has really changed my life, and the way I think. Thank you for the awesome programme.

Connor, 16
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The platform and Slack community were great...improved my communication skills and helped me connect to people around me!

Keira, 19
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Earniversity has been a fantastic experience for me. Through this program, I've gained crucial skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and confidence, which I'm convinced will shape my future success.
Ayah, 16
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What set Earniversity apart is its holistic approach to education. It wasn't just about learning how to start a business; it was about developing a comprehensive skill set that will make me a well-rounded and adaptable entrepreneur. 

Phemelo, 18
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It has been exciting and mind blowing because I realised, I have a network of path walkers an essential part of success of which before I did not feel like I had one. 
Faheezan, 18
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Overall, the fast-track challenge was an incredible experience that equipped us with valuable skills to use in everyday life as well as the future. I'm so grateful for the way we've learned and grown throughout the course. There is no doubt that the knowledge and strategies we gained will continue to benefit us in our personal and financial journeys!

Rosa, 18

Meet your coach

Earniversity Co-founder and Head Coach, Dene Botha, will be leading you through the Fast Track Challenge.

About Dene:

  • Athlete turned serial Entrepreneur
  • Top 100 Most Influential Young People 
  • Listed as GQ Magazine's Power People
  • TEDx speaker and TV Presenter
  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • Owner of UK's Most Innovative Skills Training Academy - 2023
How the challenge works (3)

Register for the Earniversity Fastrack Challenge, today!

An immersive one-month online coaching programme where participants learn 6 money-earning skills, coupled with expert coaching in real-world readiness, entrepreneurship and finances. 

It's the ultimate work experience programme!

How does the Earniversity Fastrack Challenge work?

Sign-up for the Challenge

Reserve your place and get access to world-class coaching.

All you need is:

  • £29 fee (normally £249)
  • A computer/laptop and Wi-Fi connection
  • 1-2 hrs per week for learning
  • Energy, ideas and enthusiasm!
Attend the live coaching sessions

Short, interactive workshops develop the foundation skills you need to plan, create and promote a business.

You’ll learn new techniques and get direction on putting it all into practice from real life entrepreneurss.

How the challenge works (1)
Time to get earning

Get paid for your new skills in challenges that generate real income.

Each challenge gives you experience of what it takes to succeed online. Will you make real money? Yes, if you put the time and effort into your enterprise! It may start small, and not every idea will work, but you will soon discover how you can be successful.

Grow your business

Keep earning with a real venture you’ve built from scratch

Where will you go next? It's your choice. With new skills, business experience and an online presence to showcase your talents you can choose!

  • Will you go it alone as an online entrepreneur?
  • Raise funding to build a company?
  • Join a business where you can use your skills and work as part of  bigger team?

The Fastrack Challenge gives you the ability to choose you own path.


What will you learn?

Six money earning methods, business skills and the mindset you need to succeed as a digital entrepreneur.

What do you get?

Live coaching sessions, money earning skills, business skills, weekly challenges, certificate of achievement

Coaching sessions are each Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm (GMT), for around 50-minutes.




You'll learn:
  1. Reselling
  2. Reviewing
  3. Getting manual work
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Freelancing, and
  6. Content creation



In addition to money earning skills you'll lean what it takes to succeed as a digital entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneurship,

  • Employability,

  • Real-world readiness,

  • Business, and

  • Finances.



Each week features hands-on money making tasks and comprehensive study materials.





Access exclusive opportunities to continue your business post-graduation and build partnerships.

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Ready for the challenge?

Our first challenge has already started! Register interest now and don't miss out on the one...