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Welcome to Earniversity

Help us build a better future for young people. Together we can harness their entrepeneurial spirit and energy to build better, more ethical businesses.

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Young people need and want safer spaces to explore digital money-making

The problem you can help us solve

3 out of 4 young people say they don’t have the real-world skills they need

Few schools have the capacity or capability to teach modern business skills - just 17.3% of young people have access to work experience.

At best current offerings only have enriching existing platforms or creators as their goals.

At worst they are a corrupting influence on young people, with harmful impacts across society.


Watch our explainer video

Let's prepare young people for a positive future

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Our approach

We give young people lived experience of how to earn money and be successful

On an Earniversity programme, students learn multiple money-earning skills coupled with employability skills. They apply and practice these skills with their own, unique online presence to promote their products,  and services. 

This means that when you partner with us you are creating a better future for young people, our economy and society. And, you get brand exposure, inspiring stories about a high ROI CSR investment with, and engagement with potential employees and customers.

Earniversity has really changed my life, and the way I think. Thank you for the awesome programme

Connor, 16

What you get from our partnership

Inspire your current and future team

Talent and employee engagement

By associating your company with Earniversity's values-driven entrepreneurial education, you can attract and retain a workforce impassioned by shared ideals. 

This creates opportunities for:

  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring
  • Employee volunteering
  • Improving employee retention
  • Targeted Diversity and Inclusion initiatives
  • Local and national recruitment
  • Talent brand enhancement
Brand and content

Show what your brand stands for

People want to see you changing lives for the better. Sponsor a local or national Earniversity Hub and you'll be directly helping young people take control of their future, through learning and practical action. 

Your Earniversity Hub will create opportunities to engage with, support and get insights into what young people want. This creates opportunities for:

  • Connecting with emerging talent.
  • Gaining market insights.
  • Brand exposure.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Visible impact and enhanced ROI

Let's collaborate to create stories that ring true with the people and communities you care about, and reflect your commitment to societal well-being and responsible business. 

Sponsoring an Earniversity Hub gives you:

  • Powerful impact stories,
  • A simple way to support communities you care about locally, nationally and globally,
  • Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • Demonstrable ROI in CSR investments.


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Partnership options

How we can work together

Sponsor a student

Empower a student with a bursary for a free placement within our program. Your ethical investment of approximately £400 per student per annum directly contributes to the ethical and entrepreneurial development of young minds.

Blue and Peach Gradient Facebook Profile Picture (7)
Blue and Peach Gradient Facebook Profile Picture (8)
How we can work together

Sponsor a college

Support our initiative to establish Earniversity Hubs in colleges facing funding challenges. Your ethical investment of approximately £40,000 per college per annum not only aids educational institutions but also aligns with our shared vision of the value entrepreneurship brings people and society.

It all starts with a conversation

Embark on a journey with Earniversity to craft a legacy through purposeful CSR. Request a consultative meeting to explore how our partnership can seamlessly align with your values and contribute to a shared vision of a better tomorrow.

Send us a quick message and our team typically respond in a few hours .