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Welcome to Earniversity

We partner with colleges to shape students' futures through a unique learning experience.

Our mission is to equip students with real-world readiness skills and empower them with a practical understanding of money-earning practices.

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Why partner with us?

We're outcomes based

  • Improved Retention Levels: High student engagement inside and outside college walls fosters a positive learning culture.
  • Positive Impact for Curriculum Leads: Opportunities to enhance student engagement without adding to teachers' workload, bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • Addressing Parental Concerns: Our program offers a structured and ethical approach, countering the allure of unethical get-rich-quick schemes.

Improved student recruitment

  • Marketing advantage and increased enrolment. An Earniversity hub is a unique selling point for new students, enhancing the college's appeal and diversifying your offer.
  • Work experience. Earniversity students gain employability options and real-world readiness skills, meeting Gatsby Benchmarks. 
Our programme

Developed by SME's, coaches, entrepreneurs, and learning design experts

We give you:

  • Program oversight. Rigorous review ensures world-class, engaging learning experiences delivered ethically.
  • Classroom and real-world  bridging opportunities. Our approach ignites passion and curiosity inside and outside the classroom to support learning retention.
Our approach

Safe, simple, structured, supported and sustainable

  • Assessments for skill development. Pre and post assessments measure skill development, ensuring a reliable and effective learning experience.
  • Aligned curriculum and learning outcomes. Meticulously designed courses foster reliable evaluation and effective learning experiences.
  • Weekly coaching. Empowering students to grasp business and money-earning models, fostering independent and collaborative idea evolution.
  • Consistent learning outcomes. Our processes complement college programs, guaranteeing consistency throug complementary learning outcomes.
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Student demand

A growing desire for money-earning skills with real-word relevance

Our research, combined with insights from The London Institute of Banking and Finance (here), indicates a growing desire for knowledge around the "Side-Hustle culture" - The Earniversity Hub fills that gap and provides students with the knowledge, skills, support and self-belief needed.

Learning and Earning

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