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We're changing the way young people learn about business

Earniversity is a virtual business school for budding entrepreneurs - a place where young people can safely gain digital skills by planning, launching and building a real online business that earns them real money.

Earniversity is for young people

Plan, create and build a real money-earning business.

Bring your energy and enthusiasm and we’ll help you refine your ideas and make them happen. No lectures, no scams, no nonsense. Just real ways to learn digital commerce. Then start earning, right away.

For parents

A safe and supportive place to develop digital business skills

City and Guilds research shows that 3 in 4 young people want to get ahead but can’t find the place to develop the business skills they need. This leads to disengagement with education and turning to unreliable online sources.

Earniversity is an online business school for young people, run by digital pioneers, business school programme designers and learning specialists. We provide a safe, structured and supportive environment to learn and practice tomorrow’s business skills today.

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for colleges

Enhance your curriculum with critical life and business skills

Earniversity offers UK colleges in-house programmes featuring digital entrepreneurship training built by experienced instructional designers and delivered by experts.

An Earniversity academy adds to your curriculum by providing your students employment, digital and commercial skills.

Earniversity is an online platform where students start and grow their own businesses through content, practice and group mentoring. It is web-based and accessible via any device with an up-to-date web browser.

For business

Help us bridge the digital and business skills gap

Traditional education often falls short in preparing students for the demands of the real world. A 2021 report by the World Economic Forum highlighted this gap, stating that “21st-century skills, including entrepreneurial skills, are inadequately addressed in traditional education systems.”

We are bridging this gap. If you want to tackle this challenge with us, get in touch to discuss funding and sponsorship options.


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